Composite Market and Technology Screening

Composite Market and Technology Screenings of the AZL Seasons 2020/2021/2022

8 April 2022 Aktuelles @de

At every workgroup meeting, we provide you with topic-related news of the previous 6 months so you keep on track with business-relevant information: For 5 workgroups – twice a year – 10 screenings per year. AZL Partners can download the screenings via the AZL Partner Section. Find the specific links here.

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AZL News 2022


1 April 2022 Aktuelles @de

Bionic Tape structures can save costs and reduce the CO2 footprint. So why not also include them in classic injection molded parts such as garbage cans, boxes & power tools instead of only in high-performance applications? With this approach in mind AZL initiated a project including Conbility, Simcon, IKV and their associated partner AVK which[…]

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AZL News 2022


That is the question that we at AZL have asked ourselves in order to identify the new starting projects of the year. AZL is currently defining the next topics for projects & initiatives starting in summer 2022. We identify & push market relevant topics questioning the state-of-the-art to bring the composite & lightweight industry forward.[…]

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AZL News 2022

Do you know the expected CAGR for the Natural Fibers, Biopolymers and Bio-Based Composites Market?

31 März 2022 Aktuelles @de

  Between 2021 and 2026 it’s 22.7%. The rising demand for more sustainability is just one driving factor – But what’s in for composites and is there potential for bio-based composites? AZL has been active in this area for several years now with various activities and incorporates bio-based composite fibers into structural components. Sustainability and[…]

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AZL News 2022

AniForm and AZL generate synergies to expand simulation expertise

Since last year, AniForm is part of the AZL partner network and enables with their software to simulate production challenges in thermoforming “At AniForm, we develop our own finite element model (FEM)-based process simulation software,” describes Sebastiaan Haanappel the solution and continues, “it specializes in predicting thermoforming processes of composite materials.” The software which is[…]

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AZL has been active on exchanging and connecting at SAMPE, Composites Meetings and JEC Forum DACH

19 November 2021 Aktuelles @de

The team has already been active with visiting SAMPE in Switzerland and presenting two project initiatives we are currently working on. AZL colleagues Philipp Wigger and Alexander Peitz both contributed to the program with a presentation. Philipp Wigger explained that the double belt press with inductive heating and elastomer pressure rollers has been developed and[…]

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15 November 2021 Aktuelles @de

In the field of lightweight production, a close collaboration between different expertise is necessary in most cases to achieve breakthroughs in the increase of productivity of production processes and the reduction of manufacturing costs. Therefore, a detailed, pre-competitive investigation of lightweight materials, systems or processes with cost-effective budget based on joint cost-sharing is the basis[…]

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27 Juli 2021 Aktuelles @de

During the Annual Partner Meeting, the key strategic meeting of the partner network, AZL presented and reviewed all ongoing activities of the past AZL season. This also included the current research projects: BIO-FML, AZL´s role in Aachen´s Cluster of Excellence “Internet of Production” and the Research Campus Digital Photonic Production (DPP). BIO-FML In the publicly[…]

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FRIMO joins AZL partner network to intensify cooperation for innovative and sustainable plastics processing solutions

16 Juli 2021 Aktuelles @de

FRIMO Group, a full-service supplier for plastics processing solutions from Germany, is a new member, but not a newcomer in our international and cross-industry collaboration on composites. FRIMO has already contributed to a couple joint projects and now aims to intensify process development and research activities on a regular basis.

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Yannick Willemin

9T Labs joins AZL collaboration to strengthen business development in target markets

15 Juli 2021 Aktuelles @de

Formosa Plastics Corporation, material supplier from Taiwan is joining our international and cross-industry collaboration on composites to get in contact and collaborate with new partners in Europe.

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