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AZL introduced a selection of its projects focusing on Digitalization to LG MBA Participants

24 Oktober 2019 Aktuelles @de, Allgemein @de

AZL was host at the RWTH campus for a delegation of more than 25 guests from the LG MBA Program and presented AZLs relevant projects for Digitalization: KMU-sense, iComposite and OPTO-Light.

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Technology Information Day @K

1 Oktober 2019 Aktuelles @de

Tape inserts offer enormous potential for injection molding parts: A clear result after the finalization of a major consortial project led by the Aachen Center for Integrative Light-weight Production (AZL) and the Institute for Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University (IKV).   In cooperation with 20 industrial partners, the AZL and IKV carried out a[…]

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AZL Open Day presents lightweight processes and equipment

16 April 2019 Aktuelles @de

On our Open Day 2019 our 9 Partner Institutes opened the doors of their machinery halls and research labs to provide an extensive and on-site insight into the research and development capacities in the field of lightweight production and composites at the RWTH Aachen Campus. As a special highlight of this year, we presented a[…]

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AZL won the JEC Innovation Award 2019 – “Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine”

29 März 2019 Aktuelles @de

This year, AZL won the JEC AWARD 2019 for the development of the new machine system “Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine”. The innovative machine system is a result of an 18-months AZL Joint Partner Project, conducted in 2017-2018 by the research partners AZL Aachen and Fraunhofer IPT Aachen, in cooperation with industrial partner companies including Conbility, Covestro,[…]

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JEC World 2019 – Besuchen Sie uns auf unserem Stand “Composites in Action”

27 Februar 2019 Aktuelles @de, Allgemein @de

Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie auf unserem Stand “Composites in Action” in Paris während der JEC World 2019 willkommen zu heißen. Auf mehr als 300 qm während der JEC World 2019 präsentieren das AZL und seine Partnerinstitute, sowie Industriepartner in der Innovation Corner ihre innovativen Verbundwerkstofftechnologien und -produkte. Innovationen entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette werden vom[…]

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AZL Tag der offenen Tür 2019 – Kommen Sie zu uns!

22 Februar 2019 Aktuelles @de, Allgemein @de

Besuchen Sie uns während unserem AZL Open Days 2019: Während unserer Führungen stellen wir Ihnen Forschungsthemen und Live-Prozesse vor. Auch in diesem Jahr werden wir die AZL-Halle des Produktionsclusters eröffnen und eine digitalisierte Prozesskette sowie einen Prototyp für die hochproduktive Verarbeitung von thermoplastischen Bändern präsentieren. Mit unserem Tag der offenen Tür bieten wir Ihnen wieder[…]

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New AZL Workgroup: “Advanced Thermoset Production”

13 Dezember 2018 Aktuelles @de, Allgemein @de

AZL is expanding its existing Workgroup “High-Speed RTM Matrices” to a new Workgroup named “Advanced Thermoset Production”, based on requests from various AZL Partners. The extension was motivated by numerous innovations in the area of thermoset processes which only can be partly covered by the so-far workgroup focus on RTM. The Workgroup “Advanced Thermoset Production”[…]

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JEC and AZL renew their Cooperation lasting since 2015

3 Dezember 2018 Aktuelles @de, Allgemein @de

For the 5th time already, JEC and AZL join forces to realize a special exhibition during JEC World 2019 – We are looking forward to meeting you at “Composites in Action” in Paris. The purpose of the partnership is to jointly promote actual developments and insights regarding integrative lightweight production technology at JEC World to[…]

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AZL started two new projects addressing thermoplastic tapes

AZL has started two new projects with their research partners regarding Thermoplastic Tapes. Study “Potentials and Challenges of Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders” This study will support the understanding of thermoplastic tapes in the injection molders base and will identify potentials for thermoplastic tapes in injection molding. After a successful Kick-Off Meeting on October[…]

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ENGEL installiert neues Spritzgießsystem im AZL der RWTH Aachen

3 September 2018 Aktuelles @de, Allgemein @de

Unser Partner, das Aachener Zentrum für Integrative Leichtbau (AZL) der RWTH Aachen installiert in seinem Technikum eine neue ENGEL-Spritzgießanlage.

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