AZL introduced a selection of its projects focusing on Digitalization to LG MBA Participants

24 Oktober 2019 Aktuelles @de, Allgemein @de AZL Admin


Last week the AZL was host at the RWTH campus for a delegation of more than 25 guests from LG.

LG offers a group-wide MBA program for young talents that is touring worldwide in which the AZL was one of the few stops in Germany. The AZL presented its competences and services and invited the delegation to a machinery hall tour.

As the main topic of the day was Digitalization, the AZL introduced a selection of its projects focusing on the topic.

The concept of the two projects KMU-sense and iComposite was presented by the AZL. KMU-sense addresses integrated methodology for productivity increases in process chains based on real-time production data. iComposite deals with the development of an integrative and self-regulation production system for the large-scale production of multi-material FRP parts.

Furthermore, insights on OPTO-Light, a photonics-assisted process chain that enables the production of continuous fiber-reinforced hybrid plastic components for the automotive sector, were given. Additionally, the Ultra-Fast consolidator machine, which allows fully consolidated multi-layer laminates with different fiber directions and minimized scrap (tailored blanks) that can be produced in cycle times below 5 seconds, was shown.

The LG MBA Participants presented and discussed their developed business ideas, which are a part of their MBA program with the audience. The AZL is very grateful to have been part of a program that is supporting aspiring talents in educational opportunities.

For more information regarding the AZL or the projects please contact:

Philipp Fröhlig, Senior Project Manager at AZL Aachen GmbH

Phone: +49 241/ 475735-14

Email: philipp.froehlig@azl-aachen-gmbh.de