AniForm and AZL generate synergies to expand simulation expertise

31 März 2022 Aktuelles @de AZL Admin

Since last year, AniForm is part of the AZL partner network and enables with their software to simulate production challenges in thermoforming

“At AniForm, we develop our own finite element model (FEM)-based process simulation software,” describes Sebastiaan Haanappel the solution and continues, “it specializes in predicting thermoforming processes of composite materials.” The software which is already in use at leading OEMs and suppliers in the aerospace and automotive industries enables the modeling of complex processes and delivers high-quality results on laminate deformation. Engineers are said to save time in modeling. By effectively investigating different virtual process variants, a better understanding of the process is gained, and optimized part production is achieved through insightful result analysis.

In many design solutions, woven fabrics or multidirectional tape structures are integrated. “We want to make sure that even in complex 3-dimensional forming processes there are no wrinkles or unwanted changes in fiber orientation,” says Warden Schijve, Design Leader at AZL, and explains “this is especially important for the layout and design of components and parts. With AniForm’s software, we can simulate these effects very well and optimize the forming results. This reduces the testing effort for our customers as well as the costs for process development and test tools”.

In addition to the use of the software for the AZL Workgroups such as “Product Cost Benchmark”, the individual services are also expanded with it. These range from the identification of relevant requirements and standards for components to concept development using CAE analyses to compare different design solutions, including analysis of costs, weight, and processes, to prototype production and tests in the AZL technology center.

“We are convinced that as part of the AZL network we can learn more about the latest technologies and market trends around lightweight and composites” expresses Sebastiaan Haanappel and is looking forward to the cooperation. “Especially the exchange in the technology and product-focused workgroups is a strong and inspiring tool for the partners. We think that by working together, relevant applications, for example in the automotive, leisure or consumer goods industries, can be focused on and future product developments can be accelerated.”

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