9T Labs joins AZL collaboration to strengthen business development in target markets

15 Juli 2021 Aktuelles @de AZL Admin

9T Labs AG, software and machine supplier from Switzerland is joining our international and cross-industry collaboration on composites to identify market potential for their composites series production solutions. From a technological point of view, 9T Labs aims to get in contact with development partners to move into more hybrid manufacturing.

Meet Yannick Willemin, Head of Marketing & Business development, in this interview, who will be the key contact for the technology and business development collaboration with the AZL network and has answered three questions to introduce his company’s business and motivation for collaboration to the AZL Partner companies:

AZL: What do you offer that would be of interest to AZL partner companies?

Yannick, 9T Labs: We are providing an integrated solution to manufacture small and complex continuous composite parts through additive manufacturing. Therefore, built a software as a service suite, powered by integrated FEA simulation tools. Then we combined proprietary additive manufacturing equipment with advanced post processing technology to enable serial manufacturing of structural composite parts.

AZL: What are you looking for (partners, solutions, information, products)?

Yannick, 9T Labs: We are looking for partners looking for novel technologies to either produce existing composite parts in a more automated and competitive manner or to substitute metal parts.

Furthermore, we are looking for development partners to move into more hybrid manufacturing, for example combining the high resolution of 3d-printing with the higher speed of injection molding.

AZL: What trends are you observing for lightweight and composites in additive manufacturing?

Yannick, 9T Labs: First, it is important to emphasize that composite manufacturing has always been additive. The demand in parts produced through 3d-printing is huge. However, offering a solid technical solution allowing for real serial part production in a competitive way is the only way to tap into the bigger high-performance end-use part market.

Thank you for introducing 9T Labs as a new partner. We are looking forward to having you involved in our upcoming workgroup meetings already.