15 November 2021 News Maren Daniels

In the field of lightweight production, a close collaboration between different expertise is necessary in most cases to achieve breakthroughs in the increase of productivity of production processes and the reduction of manufacturing costs.

Therefore, a detailed, pre-competitive investigation of lightweight materials, systems or processes with cost-effective budget based on joint cost-sharing is the basis of many of our AZL activities.

This does not only apply for the Joint Partner Projects but also to Market & Technology Analysis bringing together a broad consortium of industrial partners to investigate lightweight markets technologies. We combine technical know-how, a broad spectrum of engineering services and market intelligence while participating companies have direct influence on the study or project content and progress. We also provide the contact to a network of more than 80 industrial players as well as the hardware on-site for realizing resulting project ideas.

Together with the AZL Partner Companies, we regularly define Joint Partner Projects and Market & Technology Analysis on different lightweight research and development questions.

These questions and topics often result from activities of our Partnership – be it workgroups/workshops, already running projects/studies or also impulses from the Network.

Those aspects are of high value for AZL Partner Companies, as Dr. Ahmad Al-Sheyyab, Head of Technology Platform Composites at REHAU acknowledges:

„As REHAU is a longtime Partner of the AZL, we have always appreciated the possibility to receive new impulses and market insights, co-define the concepts for joint partner projects within the partnership.

We have participated in several projects such as Composites for Building and Infrastructure, Future Mobility Solutions and Bio-based Composites. The deep technological analyses and market reviews by AZL team have been very valuable. The outcome and results of those projects have often led to initiation of new pre-development projects within REHAU.“

For us at AZL a close, trustful and pre-competitive collaboration is a must and provides the basis for discussing trend topics, new impulses and specific interests of the AZL Partners to realize new approaches and bring those topics forward.

We are currently looking forward to the start of the next Projects & Studies that have been defined together with the AZL Network.

Of course, participation in Joint Partner Projects as well as in bilateral projects is also possible for external companies. We are open for your project ideas and impulses for realizing bilateral initiatives with us.

Find an overview & detailed information on the soon starting projects & studies here:

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