Concept studies for lightweight components – AZL expands services with new team member Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi

3 June 2020 News AZL Admin

The AZL offers business and technology development services for the lightweight industry: from market and technology analyses, through engineering services to support for industrial implementation. With the design and simulation expert Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi, the AZL strengthens its team for the development of concepts for component design and production.

“In recent years we have supported numerous customers in their pre-development and have developed and evaluated concepts for multi-material components and production scenarios. Our approach of focusing on the analysis of costs and production-related KPIs during concept development has especially proven its strength. With Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi, we can now meet the increasing demand from industry and look forward to many exciting projects,” emphasizes Dr.-Ing. Michael Emonts, managing partner of AZL Aachen GmbH.

Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi will work closely with the interdisciplinary experts from the RWTH Aachen ecosystem to conceptualize and evaluate different component and production designs in the interaction between material (combinations), application requirements, product design, production flow and processes.

Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi, Development Engineer at AZL

Component requirement analyses

Design and simulation of conceptual multi-material components

Identification and evaluation of production concepts

Cost analysis and sensitivity analysis for production-related KPIs (costs, capacities, weight, scalability…)

“Thanks to our technological breadth, we are leaders in providing a comprehensive range of solutions for almost all types of challenges in lightweight production technology, defining the evaluation criteria that will lead to the desired results and identifying the most suitable paths to implementation. For the necessary evaluation of partial aspects and interactions as well as the implementation of development projects, we can draw on experts and infrastructure from our Aachen ecosystem in every field. With our industrial network and our knowledge of the industry we can accompany the project up to its industrial implementation,” adds Dr.-Ing. Kai Fischer, managing partner of AZL Aachen GmbH.

We would be pleased to support you with concepts and analyses for your components. For project ideas and inquiries please contact Philipp Fröhlig:

Philipp Fröhlig
Senior Project Manager at AZL Aachen GmbH
Phone: +49 241/475735-14