New Study: Composites in Furniture

4 September 2018 Allgemein, News AZL Admin

Composites offer a broad potential to be used in furniture parts and structures. This is why, AZL together with companies from the composite and furniture industry will launch a new Market and Technology Study to identify potentials and future applications for composites in furniture. The study will start with a kick-off during Composites Europe in Stuttgart on November 7th, 2018.


Furniture is changing – from robust lifelong companions to trend-setting models, from handmade one-of-a-kind pieces to mass products, from storage objects to multi-functional and “smart” all-rounders.

Composites widening the horizon for furniture design

Composites can play a key role in this market due to many design opportunities and material characteristics: Material strength, the defined anisotropic mechanical characteristics and lightweight allows for freedom of design and long yet thin overhanging structures as well as convertible parts. Fibers, especially natural fibers bring in new looks.

AZL is addressing these potentials of composites with a new short-term study identifying potential and USPs of composites in growing furniture market, including a furniture market segmentation, elaboration of technical requirements as well as identification of high-potential applications. The aim is to understand the material selection process of furniture designers to increase the use of composites in furniture parts.

The study will answer questions such as:

  • What are the key trends in design & technology and what is driving this market?
  • How does the future of furniture look like?
  • How can the market be segmented?
  • What are today’s and upcoming technical requirements of furniture products?
  • How do today’s value chains and state-of-the-art processes & materials look like?
  • Where do composites fit in to these trends and driving forces?
  • Where can composites add value in design & manufacturing?
  • Where have composites already been applied successfully?


The Procedure:

The study is structured in four short-term phases completed in 4.5 months and providing a brief and comprehensive insight into the market potential and technological requirements.

Companies from the composite and furniture industry are invited to join the study which will start on November 7th, 2018 with a kick-off meeting during Composites Europe in Stuttgart.


More details:

» Download of study description with options to join.


Get in contact with us for more information on the study:

If you are interested in this study and would like to receive your individual offer for joining the study, please contact us directly:

Thomas Weiler, Research Fellow at AZL
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