AZL Partners met for third Workgroup Meeting “High-Speed RTM Matrices”

23 September 2016 Allgemein, News, Veranstaltungen AZL Admin

RTM is the current state of the art technology in high volume production of thermoset composite parts. After three workshops on “High-Speed RTM Matrices”, the AZL partners expressed the interest to continue to work on this topic. For this purpose, AZL has established the workgroup “High-Speed RTM Matrices” which meets on a six-month basis. The aim of the workgroup is the standardization of RTM material data sheets, the needs for high reactive material test methods and quality assurance possibilities in the RTM process.

In order to accelerate the development of composite applications at a high level of industrialization, the last meetings of the AZL Workgroup “High-Speed RTM Matrices” included all-information vs. an easy-to-use MDS concept for the entire value chain of RTM resins, analysis of current MDS of matrix materials (lack of consistency, non-comparability), methods and models of common simulations and relevant design data for effective simulations and novel test methods, which were developed without standardization. The last Workgroup meeting, held on September 14th 2016, hence aimed at defining test methods and parameters as a necessity for comparability and agreeing on further proceedings for developing adjusted or new test methods, combining processes and analysis methods. Therefore, AZL Partners as well as external experts provided keynote presentations on RTM use cases and the use of material data which were followed by discussions on developments of data bases for material systems and RTM machineries in context to the process chain.

After the workgroup meeting concluded with information on AZL’s new Business Platform on High-Speed RTM, the AZL partners proceeded with a discussion session: Joint Business Development. The new concept of Joint Business Development has been developed together with the AZL Partner Companies within the last year to enter new markets and regions. In order to complete and define the final concept, new activities as well as targeted region and market for the first year were defined.

For the first year, the AZL Partners decided to target Poland as a growing region for composites as well as the automotive sector as one of the biggest markets. With guided visits to companies in Poland including an organized tour to the composite exhibition KOMPOZYT-EXPO as well as with a networking event at the IAA in Frankfurt, AZL Partners will meet potential customers and partners. Additional to these activities, nine de-tailed business cases of jointly defined applications will provide AZL Partner Companies with specific focus on cost and performance for their market intelligence. Analyses of market reports as well as an overview and evaluation of conferences offer a decision basis for their individual Business Development activities. Furthermore, AZL Partner Companies have the option to have a presence at the new campus of RWTH University: Co-working spaces and exclusive offices will bring together industrial and scientific players of the lightweight industry and enable an easy and representative presence for AZL Partners to bring their employ-ees, their customers and to connect their R&D to one of Europe’s biggest research landscapes.

The workgroup meeting and discussion session were free of charge and open to all AZL Partners.