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AZL Annual Partner Meeting: International lightweight network emphasizes future mobility concepts as important drivers for lightweight production

28 June 2017 Allgemein, News, Veranstaltungen

At the 4th AZL Annual Partner Meeting 130 representatives of the AZL Partner Network met in Aachen and discussed the activities of the last 12 months and to defined future joint projects.

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KMUsense 4.0 – Industry 4.0 for SMEs

12 June 2017 Allgemein, News

The AZL is developing an application and service concept which allows small and medium-sized enterprises to increase productivity through using production data. The objective of the project is to enable SMEs to realize productivity increases through increased production data availability.

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4th AZL Annual Partner Meeting: AZL Partner Network will meet on June 21st and 22nd

At the 4th AZL Annual Partner Meeting, more than 100 representatives of the AZL Partner Network meet in Aachen to discuss the activities of the last 12 months and to define future joint projects.

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Call for Partners: Joint Market and Technology Study on High-Performance SMC

10 May 2017 News

AZL Joint Market and Technology Study on High-Performance SMC provides insights into fiber-reinforced systems using both carbon and glass fibers with customized resin compounds.

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Composite Business Cases are discussed in AZL Web Conference

AZL Business Partner and Premium Partner are invited to join the AZL Web Conference, which will discuss Composite Business Cases as a part of the new concept for “Joint Business Development”.

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9 AZL research institutes opened their doors for 100 participants of AZL Open Day

26 April 2017 Allgemein, News, Veranstaltungen

9 AZL Partner Institutes provided an extensive insight into the research and development capacities in the field of lightweight production and composites at the RWTH Aachen Campus.

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Special paper edition of NewsLIGHT distributed to more than 3,500 readers

13 April 2017 Allgemein, News

AZL’s NewsLIGHT #8 Paper Edition contains exclusive market news and insights in lightweight and composites from AZL Partner Companies and Institutes.

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AZL Partner Institutes present lightweight processes and equipment during AZL Open Day

5 April 2017 News, Veranstaltungen

The AZL Open Day takes place on April 25th and provides an insight into the R&D capacities with 9 guided tours to the machinery halls of the AZL Partner Institutes at the RWTH Aachen Campus

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Hybridisation – A Toolbox for efficient lightweight production

31 March 2017 News

Hybridisation requires holistic expertise in material science and production technology. Read more in the latest AZL publication at JEC magazine # 111

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First Report Meeting of the Buildings and Infrastructure Study

22 March 2017 News, Veranstaltungen

The first Report Meeting of the Joint Market and Technology Study on Composites in Buildings and Infrastructure takes place today. The study focusses on the growing markets “Buildings and Infrastructure” and will identify new potentials for composites.

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