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Recap HTC @MPG

LinkedIn | We recently visited @MPG in Luxembourg

21 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

The “Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites” workgroup recently visited Molecular Plasma Group in Luxembourg. AZL’s first workgroup outside their institution and country 😉 👏 So, a huge thank you to Molecular Plasma Group for the opportunity to host the workgroup at your facilities and making everyone feel welcome. Especially we would like to thank Kevin Braun, who took care of the[…]

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AZL Engineering Service

LinkedIn | Fire Test Procedure for Battery Pack Protection

20 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

Ilkay Özkisaoglu from Composites Lounge visited the AZL as part of his “Composite360OnTour” and we were able to give him some insights on application relevant fire test procedure for battery pack protection Check out the video and let Philipp Fröhlig introduce you to the procedure. Here’s a little sneak peek what the video is about: 🔥 Comparing different materials, to[…]

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Reminder PIAE

LinkedIn | Meet us @ PIAE – international Congress on Plastics in Automotive Engineering

16 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

Join Warden Schijve and Alexander Knauff at the PIAE – international Congress on Plastics in Automotive Engineering 📆 When? June 21st – 22nd, 2023 📍 Where? Booth 6 @ Crongress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim Be prepared to get to know the running project “Cell-to-Pack EV Battery Casings” and AZLs recently started engineering services: 🔋 Application Relevant Fire Test Procedure[…]

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Ankündigung Louisa

LinkedIn | Introducing Louisa Dahlen

13 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

There have been some changes around here lately. 👀 💥 Let’s introduce you to our newest AZL Family Member 👉 Louisa Dahlen. She already gained experience in her previous position as a sales assistant and is currently studying media design. From now on she will support us in the department “Business Development & Marketing” as a[…]

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Maru Hachi @AZL

LinkedIn | Maru Hachi @AZL Hub in Aachen

9 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

We were happy to finally welcome our long-time and valued partner MARU HACHI Corporation again in Aachen. It was especially interesting to learn about new developments ongoing at MARU HACHI Corporation. 📌 With its Futureplan2024, MARU HACHI Corporation increases its capacities for mass production of preforms/laminates. The automation of all processes has enabled MARU HACHI[…]

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Battery Casing Products & Services

LinkedIn | Battery Casing Products & Services

7 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

You may already know a bit about the activities around EV battery casings AZL is doing in recent years. The increasing number of electric vehicles and the specific requirements of battery casings are crucial topics for AZL Partners and Customers. During the JEC you could see a mock-up just like in the image below. (👀)[…]

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2nd report meeting C2P

LinkedIn | “Cell-to-Pack Battery Casings – Concept Study & Development”

6 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

8 days to go till our 2nd Report Meeting of  “Cell-to-Pack Battery Casings – Concept Study & Development” 👉 June 14th, 2023. In the first work packages, we focused on an overview of market and technology developments as well as giving deriving and updating a reference specification sheet. 💥 Now we will focus on listing[…]

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16th Composite Pipes & Vessels

LinkedIn | 16th P&V Workgroup Meeting

1 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

Only two weeks left until the next “Composite Pipes & Vessels” Workgroup Meeting on 👉June 13th, 2023. Besides a detailed market & technology monitoring, the workgroup will focus on production technologies for composite pipes & vessels, recycling of composite pressure vessels and functionalization of composite materials. Prepare for 6 expert insights: 💡 Matteo Cortesi |[…]

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AZL Annual Partner Meeting

LinkedIn | Recap Annual Partner Meeting 2023

31 May 2023 LinkedIn, News

Almost 3 weeks have passed since the AZL network came together to help shape next year’s strategy and reviewing the past year at the Annual Partner Meeting 👏 Many thanks to all participants of this year’s Annual Partner Meeting. We had a great time and our special highlight was the networking dinner above the roofs[…]

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AZL at PIAE Mannheim 2023

LinkedIn | AZL @ PIAE – international Congress on Plastics in Automotive Engineering

30 May 2023 LinkedIn, News

Meet the AZL Team @ the PIAE – international Congress on Plastics in Automotive Engineering 📆 June 21st – 22nd, 2023 📍 Crongress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim Our colleague Warden will give a presentation on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 – 3 pm at “Stamitzsaal”: Multi-material options for future fire and impact resistant battery casings. Be[…]

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