JEC WORLD 2020 Paris – save efforts and costs by showcasing your company at the AZL booth

13 January 2020 News

The AZL offers again the possibility exclusively to its Partner Companies to be embedded in the AZL area at JEC WORLD 2020 in Paris with a booth, which is a unique opportunity to highlight the diversity and the know-how of their company towards the international composites community. This top-rated service by the AZL enables Sponsoring[…]

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AZL is addressing the material selection in SMC, injection molding with tapes, non-destructive in-line measurement and multi-model and multi-material systems in 2020

The AZL team is already working on the content for the starting projects in 2020. Four new projects will be starting in the first half of the year: A Follow-Up Project of the accomplished project for “Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders” with 20 participating companies, a benchmark on selected “Inline Measurement Systems”, “Marketing and[…]

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AZL demonstrated an intelligent digitalized production system for large scale series production of RTM parts

The AZL and IKV together with seven project partners have successfully completed the project iComposite 4.0. The Objective of the research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), was the development of a knowledge-based production system for the manufacture of hybrid FRP components. The multi-material approach used makes it possible[…]

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Joint Business Case Analysis – the AZL is presenting Product Cost Benchmarking

The AZL is launching a new format to strengthen the support for business development as a service that is offered within the AZL Partnership. The Composite Business Cases were originally an element that the AZL offered to their business and premium partners to have the opportunity to take an active part in discussing a selection[…]

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AZL projects “Next Generation Mobility Solutions” and “Inductive Double-Belt Press” have kicked off

After their kick-off meetings in October and November, the AZL projects “Next Generation Mobility Solutions” and “Inductive Double-Belt Press” are now in their first project phase. The project team for “Next Generation Mobility Solutions” is currently working on the market segmentation and analysis which include the classification of different segments such as Micro Mobility, Exoskeletons[…]

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AZL introduced a selection of its projects focusing on Digitalization to LG MBA Participants

24 October 2019 Allgemein, News

AZL was host at the RWTH campus for a delegation of more than 25 guests from the LG MBA Program and presented AZLs relevant projects for Digitalization: KMU-sense, iComposite and OPTO-Light.

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Technology Information Day @K

1 October 2019 News

Tape inserts offer enormous potential for injection molding parts: A clear result after the finalization of a major consortial project led by the Aachen Center for Integrative Light-weight Production (AZL) and the Institute for Plastics Processing at RWTH Aachen University (IKV).   In cooperation with 20 industrial partners, the AZL and IKV carried out a[…]

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JEC Innovation Award Winner – “Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine”

AZL’s new machine system won JEC World Innovation Award 2019 in the category “Industry & Equipment”.

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AZL launched their new Partnership Model: Business+ Partnership

In addition to the already existing Partnership models the AZL launched its new concept of the Business+ Partnership in 2019.

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AZL Starting Activities – investigating amongst others the Next Generation Mobility Solutions and Artificial Intelligence in Design and Manufacturing

The AZL is starting two new Studies and two Consortial Projects after releasing the topics at the Annual Partner Meeting in June.

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