FRIMO joins AZL partner network to intensify cooperation for innovative and sustainable plastics processing solutions

16 July 2021 News

FRIMO Group, a full-service supplier for plastics processing solutions from Germany, is a new member, but not a newcomer in our international and cross-industry collaboration on composites. FRIMO has already contributed to a couple joint projects and now aims to intensify process development and research activities on a regular basis.

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Yannick Willemin

9T Labs joins AZL collaboration to strengthen business development in target markets

15 July 2021 News

9T Labs AG, software and machine supplier from Switzerland is joining our international and cross-industry collaboration on composites to identify market potential for their composites series production solutions. From a technological point of view, 9T Labs aims to get in contact with development partners to move into more hybrid manufacturing.

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Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine: Additional heating system will be added

14 July 2021 News

In a third stage of AZL’s project of the machine-development of 5-seconds fully consolidated multi-layer composite laminate production, additional heating elements will be investigated and subsequently added.

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Composites Interior

Composites in Future Automotive Interior Applications – Concept Study Considering Design, Structure and Functional Requirements

13 July 2021 News

At the AZL Annual Partner Meeting in June, a new project was proposed and discussed to investigate the influence of factors like design, structure, functionalities and sustainability for different automotive interior concepts. Learn more on the project which is to be kicked-off end of 2021.

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LCA-supporting Consulting for Vehicle Applications

AZL teams up with Conbility and fka to support you in LCA Consulting for Vehicle Applications

12 July 2021 News

Life Cycle Assessment: The environmental footprint of materials is highly dependent on the production scenario, so choosing the right material can be difficult. Material light weighting is not always environmentally reasonable.

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AZL continues development of double belt press: temperatures up to 400°C, processing foam or honeycomb cores

10 July 2021 News

Based on the frequently addressed requirements from the industry AZL is kicking-off a fourth phase to follow up on the developments of the AZL Joint Partner Project Cost- and Energy-Efficient Double Belt Press System” (project phase III) on August 30th, 2021.

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Have a product cost benchmark for your target component

7 July 2021 News

Twice a year, the AZL engineering team involves the AZL partners in a workgroup for joint business case analyses of composite parts. So far 21 components have already been analyzed regarding production scenarios, process steps, cost structure and cost drivers.

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Composite Market and Technology Screening

Composite Market and Technology Screenings of the AZL Season 2020/2021

5 July 2021 News

At every workgroup meeting, we provide you with topic-related news of the previous 6 months so you keep on track with business-relevant information: For 5 workgroups – twice a year – 10 screenings per year. AZL Partners can download the screenings via the AZL Partner Section. Find the specific links here.

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Bio-Based Project 2021

AZL develops bio-based composite car door in a joint project

4 July 2021 News

Based on the completed study “Potentials for Bio-based Composites” AZL is starting a joint project on the further investigation of bio-based composite materials, including the development of a car door.

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Composite Pressure Vessel Production

Production Technologies for Composite Pressure Vessels – AZL Workgroup Focus Study Free for AZL Partners

1 July 2021 News

AZL partners can download an in-depth workgroup focus study on thermoset and thermoplastic FRP production technologies for composite pressure vessels which was conducted in four project phases for the AZL workgroup. The study is included in the regular AZL Partnership fee. Learn more and download the study here.

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