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AZL Joint Partner Project

LinkedIn | Utility & Cargo Bikes

25 July 2023 LinkedIn, News

💡 The growth rate of E-Bikes (e.g., doubled in Germany in the last 3 years to 8 million sold E-bikes) and its market size show great business potential for the utility and cargo bike sector, with even higher growth rates. The upcoming Joint Market & Technology Study “Utility and Cargo Bikes” aims to identify products,[…]

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AZL Business Partner

LinkedIn | Welcome A+ Composites to the Network!

20 July 2023 LinkedIn, News

Welcome A+ Composites to the network! 🎉 💡  A+ Composites GmbH recently joined the AZL network as a new Business Partner. Their main offering consists of a diverse range of over 200 variations of thermoplastic UD tapes that include various dimensions, fiber volumes and blends of multiple fibers and plastics. Some of you may already had the pleasure[…]

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AZL Joint Partner Project

LinkedIn | Composites in Aircraft

18 July 2023 LinkedIn, News

💡 Trends like new aircraft types, alternative propulsion, sustainability, recycling, smart structures, repairability, supply chain resilience and new manufacturing methods are fast developing. Thus, composites can play an important role in design and manufacturing of modern aircraft. The upcoming Joint Market & Technology Study “Composites in Aircraft” aims to analyze the extensive field of composites[…]

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LinkedIn | Ankündigung B&I

LinkedIn | Energy Efficiency and Renovation in Buildings & Infrastructure

13 July 2023 LinkedIn, News

💡 The versatile characteristics of composites, such as freedom of design, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, outstanding mechanical properties, and function integration, offer numerous solutions for energy efficiency and opens new opportunities for renovation of buildings and infrastructure. The upcoming Joint Market & Technology Study “Energy Efficiency and Renovation in Buildings & Infrastructure” builds upon the[…]

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LinkedIn | Recap C2P 2nd report meeting

LinkedIn | Cell-to-Pack Battery Casings – Concept Study & Development

6 July 2023 LinkedIn, News

🔋 The project “Cell-to-Pack Battery Casings – Concept Study & Development” consortium of 34 industry companies met recently for its second report meeting. At first, Johnny Ho from Purem by Eberspächer and Luke Chung from Trinseo gave us an insight into their companies as new project partners. This was followed by an update on international regulations and value chain by Philipp Wigger. The main[…]

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LinkedIn | Ankündigung PV

LinkedIn | Trends and Design Factors for Hydrogen Pressure Vessels

5 July 2023 LinkedIn, News

💡 Hydrogen storage using pressure vessels is a key aspect of the future energy landscape and the quest for decarbonisation. The upcoming AZL Joint Partner Project “Trends and Design Factors for Hydrogen Pressure Vessels” is an opportunity to enhance your understanding and active engagement in this promising value chain, potentially strengthening your positioning and optimizing[…]

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LinkedIn | Ankündigung zweite Jahreshälfte

LinkedIn | Let’s have a look what the second half of the year offers at AZL

30 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

First half of the year is already over! After the biggest AZL Open Day with 130 participants, a successful JEC World 2023 with numerous visitors and exciting developments and news from the industry and our constructive and productive Annual Partner Meeting, let’s see what the second half of the year offers at AZL: Have a[…]

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AZL Engineering Service

LinkedIn | Bottom Impact Protection Procedure for Battery Casings

28 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

Ilkay Özkisaoglu from Composites Lounge visited the AZL in Aachen as part of his “Composites360OnTour”. This time Warden introduced him to an application relevant test method and investigation of the relative safety performance of different material options for bottom impact protection battery casings. Within a joint partner project, carried out in close cooperation with the Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge (ika) – RWTH[…]

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LinkedIn | Recap P&V

LinkedIn | Recap 16th Workgroup Meeting “Composites Pipes & Vessels”

27 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

💥 Let’s look back at our 16th Workgroup Meeting on “Composite Pipes & Vessels” two weeks ago. Simon Greive kicked off the meeting by giving an overview of the current state of the market and technology in the field of composites in pipes and vessels. In addition to market and technology monitoring, six speakers gave presentations[…]

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LinkedIn | Ankündigung Tailgate

LinkedIn | 2nd report meeting of Cost and CO2 saving Lightweight Tailgate Concept Study

22 June 2023 LinkedIn, News

Less than a week to go until the 2nd report meeting of AZL’s Joint Partner Project “Cost and CO2 saving Lightweight Tailgate Comcept Study” 👉 June 27th, 2023. So far you got an impression on the market and technology and the requirements to pave the way for a suitable reference concept. What’s next for the[…]

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