Roth Composite Machinery becomes AZL partner and participates in winding technology study: Long-term cooperation with AZL network

20 July 2020 News

Roth Composite Machinery started its four-year partnership with the cross-industry AZL network of more than 80 companies in June 2020.

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Network and exchange information on markets and technologies with us – AZL Annual Partner Meeting 2020

3 June 2020 News

AZL adapted this year’s Annual Partner Meeting on June 24thand 25th, 2020 to a digital format comprising all well-known formats of the event with new added elements to provide a diverse and exciting web meeting and enable exchange for our network. Once a year, we take the time to meet as the entire “AZL family”[…]

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Concept studies for lightweight components – AZL expands services with new team member Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi

The AZL offers business and technology development services for the lightweight industry: from market and technology analyses, through engineering services to support for industrial implementation. With the design and simulation expert Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi, the AZL strengthens its team for the development of concepts for component design and production. “In recent years we have supported numerous[…]

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Virtual meetings: AZL network expands lightweight cooperation in interactive video conferences

Since 2013, the AZL partner community has been working on lightweight technologies and applications in regular meetings and projects in a trusting and pre-competitive environment. In recent weeks, the established cooperation has also proved its worth in virtual form – in more than 10 interactive video conferences, 50 to 101 participants each exchanged knowledge and[…]

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AZL develops new solutions to further establish SMC in broad industrial applications

AZL works on two projects that enhance the knowledge about SMC material characteristics and a new process combination driven by the requirements to reduce the production costs of lightweight components. As of right now a material data bank and standard methodology to determine the characteristic values for SMC processing and simulation is missing massively. AZL[…]

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New production technology development for the continuous production of composite-based LED lightening panels

AZL RWTH develops an integrated process chain for cost-effective and energy-efficient production of electrically and optically functionalized fiber composites in the project “Konfutius” by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE). The prices for LED paneling are quite low, so German producers are challenged to compete with the international market. Therefore, the German production process needs new[…]

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The new AZL Double-Belt-Press with energy efficient inductive heating is available for material processing trials (consolidation and impregnation trials) – Current follow-up project is still open to join

2 June 2020 News

The “Inductive Double-Belt-Press” follow-up project is open to join to get insights into the development and usage of the optimized machine. The project comprises the upgrade and optimization of the system for advanced material and processing studies. The double-belt-press machine has been exclusively developed by AZL together with industrial partners – from the idea on[…]

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AZL Business+ Partner Johns Manville collaborates with AZL using project vouchers

4 May 2020 News

AZL has introduced the new partnership model Business+ last year, which facilitates AZL Partners Companies to finance individual projects for business and technology development in lightweight from an included budget. The Business+ Partnership provides a voucher system with an individually defined budget starting from 20 work days per year. Business+ partners can either join existing[…]

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Product Cost Benchmarking – the new AZL format was introduced with a first workgroup meeting on February 27th, 2020

5 March 2020 News

At the end of February, the AZL founded the new workgroup “Product Cost Benchmarking”, in which more than 80 partner companies regularly analyze target markets and applications for composite-based multi-material technologies together with experts from the RWTH Aachen University as a basis for their joint technology developments. Even before the workgroup was founded, the AZL[…]

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Cost-effective, continuous production of multi-layer laminates with high flexibility – Prototype upgrade

13 January 2020 News

The Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine which was developed within a Joint Partner Project by AZL, is now up and running for automated, continuous tailored blank manufacturing using thermoplastic fibre reinforced tapes. The UItra-Fast Consolidator Machine offers both high flexibility and mass production capability of tailored composite thermoplastic laminates with reduced scrap. Fully consolidated multi-layer laminates with[…]

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