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AZL introduced a selection of its projects focusing on Digitalization to LG MBA Participants

24 October 2019 Allgemein, News

AZL was host at the RWTH campus for a delegation of more than 25 guests from the LG MBA Program and presented AZLs relevant projects for Digitalization: KMU-sense, iComposite and OPTO-Light.

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“Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine”

JEC Innovation Award Winner – “Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine”

AZL’s new machine system won JEC World Innovation Award 2019 in the category “Industry & Equipment”.

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AZL’s Lightweight Partners Office Hub: The new hotspot for events and networking

AZL’s Lightweight Partners Office Hub: The new hotspot for events and networking

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AZL goes Shanghai

The AZL will be visiting China Composites Expo in Shanghai to report the AZL Partner Network news and technologies from China.

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AZL Annual Partner Meeting 2019 – AZL Partner Network met on June 4th and 5th, 2019

On 4th and 5th June, 2019 the AZL Annual Partner Meeting took place. This year, for the 6th meeting already, 140 representatives of the 80 Partner Companies from 20 different countries came together for their strategic meeting and to get an overview of the activities of the past year and to define topics and activities for the coming year.

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Two AZL projects will successfully be finished this year – “New Designs for Low-Cost and Energy-Efficient Double-Belt Presses” and “iComposite 4.0 – Development of an integrative and selfregulating production system for structural composite parts”

New Designs for Low-Cost and Energy-Efficient Double-Belt Presses In the first project phase of AZL’s Joint Partner Project “New Designs for Low-Cost and Energy-Efficient Double-Belt Presses”, the AZL, together with seven partner companies, developed a prototype for proof-of-principle of a novel cost and energy-efficient double-belt press system for the continuous production of composite sheets. After[…]

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AZL Open Day presents lightweight processes and equipment

16 April 2019 Allgemein, News

On our Open Day 2019 our 9 Partner Institutes opened the doors of their machinery halls and research labs to provide an extensive and on-site insight into the research and development capacities in the field of lightweight production and composites at the RWTH Aachen Campus. As a special highlight of this year, we presented a[…]

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JEC World 2019 – Join us at our “Composites in Action” Area

27 February 2019 Allgemein, News

We are looking forward to meeting you at our “Composites in Action” are in Paris during JEC World 2019. On more than 300 sqm at the JEC World 2019,  AZL, out partner institutes and industrial partners showcase in the Innovation Corner their innovative composite technologies and products. Innovations along the whole composite value chain are presented[…]

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AZL Open Day 2019 – Join us

22 February 2019 Allgemein, News

Join us at our AZL OPEN DAY 2019: we will introduce you to research topics and live processes during our guided tours. Also, this year we will open the AZL hall of the production cluster and present a digitized process chain as well as a prototype for highly productive processing of thermoplastic tapes. With our[…]

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B&I Meeting @BAU2019

AZL Workgroup and Networking Event @BAU 2019

30 January 2019 Allgemein, News

AZL took it’s last Workgroup Meeting for “Composites in Buildings and Infrastructure” directly to the source of new input and feedback, to the BAU 2019, world’s leading trade fair for architecture materials and systems, in Munich. The two-day meeting sucessfully offered a platform for technical exchange, networking and the possibility to get in contact with end[…]

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