Multi-material solutions open up high potential for cost and weight savings for battery casings

20 September 2021 News AZL Admin

AZL successfully completes first project on battery casings together with 46 industrial companies. Together with the participating industrial partners, several different concepts for multi-material battery casings were developed, which offer significant potential for weight and cost savings. In the course of the project, two important core topics emerged that will be addressed separately in follow-up projects: Bottom impact protection and fire resistance. These two follow-up projects will start January 26th, 2022, another focusing on prototype production for one or more concepts next year.

Battery casings are among the key components in e-vehicles and are currently typically made of aluminum or steel. It is precisely this component that AZL analyzed in the project now underway with a large consortium of OEM’s, Tiers, raw material manufacturers and machine builders.

It has been found that up to 36% of the weight and up to 20% of the costs can be saved if multi-material composites based on plastics are used instead of conventional solutions.

AZL, with the cooperation of its partner companies, first defined the five core components of a battery casings: The lower protection plate, the crash frame, the enclosure tray, the cross braces and the enclosure lid.

In addition, the AZL analyzed a total of 44 market-relevant, existing series components and concepts in more detail and derived a comprehensive overview of the various standards and requirements at national, international and OEM level. The premise was to achieve the same or even better mechanical parameters than conventional solutions. For example, at least the same stiffness, safety in the event of lateral impact, EMI shielding and flame protection should be available. In order to determine the alternative solutions, AZL carried out a total of more than 1,500 CAE simulations, set up more than 500 FEM models and developed 20 design concepts with different materials in order to compare them with each other.



The first project and the enormous response from industry have shown not only the relevance of the topic, but also the possibilities offered by alternative multi-material composites

AZL is initiating two follow-up projects and is happy to hear from other interested companies who can join the project at any time.

While follow-up project 1 deals with an application-related test method and the investigation of the safety of different material combinations for floor impact protection, follow-up project 2 focuses on flame resistance. A test method is being sought that allows fire resistance to be investigated at the material level, taking into account the specific requirements of a battery casing.

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