Battery casing project: Successful collaboration of 46 companies continues in 2 projects

24 June 2021 News AZL Admin

Since October 2020, 46 companies jointly work on the product development of a multi-material battery casing. The initial concept study, which is still open to join, will be completed in September 2021 and will continue in two follow-up projects addressing application-relevant fire testing procedure and foreign object penetration resistance of materials.

In the course of the concept study, it already became apparent that a method to compare different material solutions for equal safety in case of bottom impact events is missing. There is also a great lack of standard methods for comparing different materials in terms of their fire safety related to external fires or thermal runaway events.

That is why, during the recent AZL Annual Partner Meeting, two follow-up projects have been proposed and discussed with the AZL Partner Companies.

Project 1: Foreign object penetration resistance of materials

The purpose of this project is to develop a simple drop tower set up for oblique foreign object penetration impact testing. Different materials, monolithic and sandwiches and material combinations, are compared on equal safety level and suitability for battery casing.


  • An application relevant test method for penetration damage to bottom materials for battery casings.
  • Relative safety performance of different material options, such as solid laminates, sandwiches, different thicknesses and layups, in comparison with aluminum reference material.
  • For each material it will give guidance what minimum amount is needed to prevent penetration or unacceptable damage.

Project 2: Application relevant fire test procedure

The purpose of this second project is to develop of a fire testing procedure for materials and material forms, enabling the evaluation of suitability for the EV battery casing.


  • A standard test method enabling suitability of various materials for fire safe application in a battery casing.
  • Comparison of relative performance of various materials and/or protection layers.
  • Guidance to minimum material needs to survive battery fire testing.


Follow-up project to build demonstrator(s) soon to be defined

The definition of another project leading to demonstrator(s) will take place after September 2021 with the forecast to start the demonstrator project in 2022.


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Companies interested to join any of the three projects can contact Warden Schijve:

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