Basics seminar: Adhesive bonding by ISF of RWTH Aachen

16 March 2018 Allgemein, News AZL Admin

It has long been common knowledge that adhesive bonding technology is a potential and reliable joining process when used correctly. This is also reflected in the increasing popularity of adhesive bonding technology. Basic knowledge is essential for the correct application. If the “basics” are adhered to, the user will be able to achieve lasting positive results with the joining technology.

In addition, there are important regulatory changes for the application of bonding processes caused by the recently released DIN 2304.

The seminar “Basics Seminar Adhesive Bonding”, organized by the Welding and Joing Institute of the RWTH Aachen, in cooperation with the FEF GmbH and the AZL, presents the contents in a compact form in a 1-day seminar and provides participants with the necessary “basics” for the successful application of the adhesive bonding technology.

To learn more, download the flyer.

General and content-related questions are gladly answered by Mr. Josef Weiland or Mr. Bernd Marx.


++++ Please note that the seminar was canceled. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the seminar. ++++