AZL’s Lightweight Partners Office Hub: The new hotspot for events and networking

8 July 2019 Allgemein, News AZL Admin

Since the completion of the new cluster building and the move of the AZL into the new business rooms, the AZL Open Space area enjoys great popularity.

The concept is intended to serve as a cooperative and interdisciplinary communication platform and enables shoulder to shoulder work with partners from the AZL Network. The new meeting area has already been used in the last few months for intensive networking and exchange of experience. Numerous events were held, e.g. various workgroup meetings and meetings of external companies.

An additional and valuable contribution to the Open Space area is the full utilization of the AZL Premium Partner offices. In addition to Yizumi and DuPont, Toyota and Polytec are now Premium Partners and use our offices. The office space in our Partner Hub enables our partners to have a direct presence in our high-tech environment on the campus of RWTH Aachen University. Further Premium Partner offices are already in the planning stage.

In addition to the Premium Partners and larger offices, the AZL team is also growing. Alexander Knauff, former student assistant, has been employed as Manager Industrial Services in Philipp Fröhlig’s team since March 2019 and will support in sales and marketing of AZL’s industrial services.

With the growing team we would like to offer our partner companies an even closer cooperation. If you have not been in our office spaces yet, we kindly invite our Partner Companies to join for a meeting!