Business+ partnership allows quick and easy involvement in engineering services and projects

5 October 2021 News AZL Admin

More and more AZL partners are taking advantage of the Business+ Partnership. This form of partnership enables AZL partners to receive individual support from the AZL team quickly, flexibly and unbureaucratically, in addition to the pure partnership services. Johns Manville already uses this model very intensively, and Dana Miloaga, Product Leader at Johns Manville appreciates the approach very much. Read more on what Johns Manville had to say.

With the included voucher you get 20 working days per fiscal year which you can use based on your demands. Here are some examples to use the voucher:

Individual Workshop

Do you have ideas for new components, parts or technologies? Discuss them with experts in a workshop and get a roadmap tailored to your needs.

Specific Product Cost Benchmarks

Investigate and analyse existing components with regard to possible potential for alternative materials or technologies. Focus on product cost assessment as well as on production scenarios and chains.

Pragmatic approach for first LCA assessment:

Due to growing demand for sustainability, easy and pragmatic approaches for LCA. Use the opportunity for first LCA related indications, e.g. CO2 footprint or global warming potential. See more on this topic here: Pragmatic Product Carbon and LCA-supporting Consulting

Participation in Joint Partner Projects

Fast and easy participation on new joint partner projects which are introduced regularly in workgroup meetings and the AZL Annual Partner Meeting.


If you want to learn more about the Business+ Partnership, how to utilize your voucher or which other individual challenges we can support with, please contact:

Philipp Fröhlig
Senior Project Manager
Phone: +49 241 475735 14

or book your 30-minute session with the AZL composite experts to discuss your individual composite engineering solution.