AZL launched their new Partnership Model: Business+ Partnership

8 July 2019 News AZL Admin

In addition to the already existing Partnership models the AZL launched its new concept of the Business+ Partnership in 2019.

The new concept includes all the benefits of the Business Partnership and combines them with a new voucher system for bilateral services within the AZL Partnership.

The vouchers allow easy and fast participation in projects and accelerated commissioning of individual consulting and engineering services, which the AZL will be happy to provide.

The voucher covers 20 days bilateral services by AZL such as studies and theoretical work per year. Furthermore, the budget can also be used for joint partner project contributions or for services which include further subcontracting of partner institutes. In summary the voucher is usable for Joint Partner Projects, R&D services, market and/or technology studies, pre-trials and patent analyses.

Additionally, the Business+ Partnership model comprises the services from the pre-existing Business Partnership. Services included within the AZL Partnership are for example various workshops per year, marketing and HR services. The workshop topics are defined by the AZL Partner Companies and provide the exceptional possibility to acquire results in specific topics that are selected by your demands.

In the field of lightweight production, a close collaboration between different expertise is necessary in most cases to achieve breakthroughs in the increase of productivity of production processes and the reduction of manufacturing costs. Therefore, the AZL offers with the AZL Partnership and the workgroups a platform for the creation of consortia for joint research projects.

Moreover, via the various activities, events and online-platforms, AZL supports you in identifying and getting into contact with new partners, customers and research institutions and offers marketing and PR activities according to your needs.


For more information concerning the Partnership contact:

Philipp Fröhlig, Senior Project Manager at AZL Aachen GmbH

Phone: +49 241/ 475735-14