AZL has been active on exchanging and connecting at SAMPE, Composites Meetings and JEC Forum DACH

19 November 2021 News Maren Daniels

The team has already been active with visiting SAMPE in Switzerland and presenting two project initiatives we are currently working on.
AZL colleagues Philipp Wigger and Alexander Peitz both contributed to the program with a presentation.

Philipp Wigger explained that the double belt press with inductive heating and elastomer pressure rollers has been developed and optimized within several AZL joint partner research projects. With this system, the impregnation of glass fibre woven with recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film was successfully carried out at the AZL. Mechanical tests show a bending modulus of up to 27.000 MPa and microscopic tests demonstrate a degree of impregnation of up to 95 %. The material is used in the public-funded project “KonFutius” as a carrier material for an ultra-light LED composite panel.

Alexander Peitz informed the audience about estimation-based temperature control in laser-assisted, thermoplastic automated tape placement. He talked about a novel algorithm for controlling the process temperature in vicinity to the nip-point and the process model which is being developed, subsequently reduced and validated using an existing tape placement machine (Ultra-fast Consolidator machine) developed by AZL Aachen. Based on this model, a servo-LQG controller is designed and implemented into the machine’s control software. Evaluation is done by comparison to constant laser power profiles, as is currently standard in the majority of industrial use cases, and to classical PI control.


© AZL | Alexander Peitz @ SAMPE & Warden Schijve @ JEC FORUM DACH


The AZL was also present at Composite Meetings in Nantes with a booth to get in touch with industry contacts and exchange about our soon starting projects as well as our engineering services. Fabian, Senior Engineer at AZL, and Philipp, Senior Project Manager, have been excited to be booked with 40+ meetings before they arrived to Nantes. Main topic were the projects and activities regarding Battery Casings which were highly requested.


During JEC Forum DACH AZL had a joint booth with Partner Company Conbility GmbH. Additionally, two of our Engineering experts contributed with two presentations to the program of the conference.
AZL’s Design Leader Warden Schijve held a presentation on the requirements, opportunities and challenges of composites for electric vehicle battery casings during the conference topic “Composite for e-mobility”. Fabian Becker, was in action during the ITA Innovation Session with his presentation on a pragmatic methodology to benchmark application-oriented design / production / material concepts in terms of technological, economic and environmental KPI’s.


© AZL | Fabian Becker & Dr. Kai Fischer @ JEC FORUM DACH

If one of those presented topics is of interest for you, please get in touch with Alexander Knauff.

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