AZL Business+ Partner Johns Manville collaborates with AZL using project vouchers

4 May 2020 News AZL Admin

AZL has introduced the new partnership model Business+ last year, which facilitates AZL Partners Companies to finance individual projects for business and technology development in lightweight from an included budget. The Business+ Partnership provides a voucher system with an individually defined budget starting from 20 work days per year.

Business+ partners can either join existing joint activities with their vouchers or define individual projects based on their specific needs and demands which can then be redeemed without any complex ordering process.

Johns Manville was one of the first AZL Partners that joined with the new partnership model and is already using the full potential of the voucher system, as Dr. Dana Miloaga, Product Leader at Johns Manville explains:

AZL Partner Johns Manville

Dr. Dana Miloaga
Product Leader
Johns Manville

“In the second half of 2019, Johns Manville has joined the AZL network as a Business+ Partner. This membership offered us immediate access to workgroups and information relevant for one of the company’s core businesses, Engineered Products, and for innovative work ongoing for advancing structural thermoplastic composites. The AZL team was great requesting input regarding for new projects and presenting options to the member companies. Through the flexible membership format, our team is currently using a voucher to participate in a joint market and technology study, “Next Generation Mobility Solutions”, which explores trends in mobility and targets the identification of solutions suitable for composite materials. We are looking forward to learning what this project will unveil.”The voucher allows for a much easier participation in these activities with less administrative efforts as also Dana Miloaga can attest to:

“The AZL Business+ Partnership with the voucher system offers high flexibility, especially for larger companies. Our team at Johns Manville finds it easy to budget for and to join AZL projects. The voucher opens access to other AZL services that we can use for specific projects along the year, maximizing the benefit of our membership.”

Philipp Fröhlig, senior project manager at AZL adds: “In our projects, we analyze markets and applications for our customers in order to identify how they can improve their materials, components, processes or systems. In engineering projects, we design components, develop process chains and adapt systems to meet competitive requirements. Finally, we support customers in finding the right partners for the industrial implementation of their products. The voucher system allows us and our customers to concentrate on the content work in these projects.” AZL Aachen GmbH

Philipp Fröhlig
Senior Project Manager
AZL Aachen GmbH

Philipp Fröhlig
Senior Project Manager at AZL Aachen GmbH
Phone: +49 241/475735-14


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