Network and exchange information on markets and technologies with us – AZL Annual Partner Meeting 2020

3 June 2020 News AZL Admin

AZL adapted this year’s Annual Partner Meeting on June 24thand 25th, 2020 to a digital format comprising all well-known formats of the event with new added elements to provide a diverse and exciting web meeting and enable exchange for our network.

Once a year, we take the time to meet as the entire “AZL family” to define future activities, review projects and workgroups of the previous year and discuss composite trends. Especially this year it is important to have a platform for access and collaboration with customers, suppliers and cooperation partners. Therefore, we are having this year’s meeting as an interactive video meeting, which offers you the well-known building blocks of the Annual Partner Meeting in virtual form.

Our partners will get in contact with more than 150 representatives from the 80+ AZL partner companies of our cross-industry network in adapted formats, will exchange information on markets and technologies, and identify business contacts. The AZL team will provide a focused insight into running and starting activities and we will all together define future strategic topics, projects and activities.

We will furthermore discuss and define together how the digital format will be integrated into our collaboration within the network in the future.

“The Speed Dating is always a special challenge during our meeting: AZL partners have 6 minutes to pitch innovations, products, applications, projects or collaboration proposals. This vivid and popular element of the Annual Partner Meeting is a valuable platform for the entire network leading to exciting discussions – this year via chat and video tools.” as Alexander Knauff, Manager Industrial Services from AZL states.

We are looking forward to meet the AZL family on June 24 and 25, 2020 in this new format and hope you join us to exchange and collaborate within our network from around the world during these two days

Partner Companies can register here to participate in our Annual Partner Meeting: