NewsLIGHT#16 | June 2020

Dear readers,

The past months have not only faced all of us with unknown challenges in keeping business and technology development running - they have brought about additions to our AZL activities and our network in various ways:

Thanks to the new digital format of our workgroups, the interactive video conferences, many partner companies have been able to easily involve more and especially globally distributed employees in our joint activities. With the new "Lightweight TechTalk" format, we have gained an additional platform and greater reach for spreading information and connecting the lightweight community. In total, we were able to offer more than 375 people a platform for presenting innovations and cooperation topics as well as for networking during the challenging situation in the framework of the AZL events.

And the AZL network has also expanded: A warm welcome to our new partner companies Audi AG, C. F. Maier Europlast GmbH & Co KG, INOMETA GmbH and Roth Composite Machinery GmbH!

As AZL-Team we have further expanded our service area "Concept Development for Lightweight Components" with our new colleague Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi (CAD and FEA specialist) in order to support you from concept to prototype production of lightweight components.

We are now looking forward to the upcoming highlight, our "family meeting", the AZL Annual Partner Meeting on June 24th and 25th - also as an interactive video conference.

Stay healthy and see you soon

On behalf of the AZL Team:

Dr. Kai Fischer (Managing Partner)

Philipp Fröhlig (Senior Project Manager)

Dr. Michael Emonts (Managing Partner)


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Partner Company's News

New Elastocoat® C 6226/107 provides temperature stability up to 200°C Winner of the Innovation Award in Foamed Plastics and Polyurethane 2019 by FSK – Fachverband Schaumkunststoffe und Polyurethane e.V. Elastocoat® C is BASF’s renowned polyurethane (PU) resin [...] More...

An innovative table system designed for autonomously driving automobiles underlines the possibilities thermoplastic composites open up in enabling lightweight, robust and high aesthetic value parts for future mobility. Autonomous driving and car sharing will transform the interior of automobiles into [...] More...

AZL Partner EconCore

Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) honeycomb is now commercially ready and available to licence from EconCore. The company successfully conducted two years of research, learning how to optimally process the reusable resource-based polymer into its continuously produced honeycomb core. More...

INEOS Composites

In-situ polymerisation of ε‑Caprolactam opens up great opportunities in the production of fibre-reinforced plastic components with a thermoplastic polyamide matrix. The decisive factor for processing efficiency and product quality is the reactive unit developed by ENGEL.[...] More...

Launched by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, led by Chang’an Automotive, subject to the topic of integrated developing technologies of electric vehicles, the national project is aiming to develop an advanced electric lightweight vehicle of carbon fiber body. More...

At HUESKER Synthetic GmbH years of experience in weaving technology are used to produce continuous fiber-reinforced laminates from fully impregnated thermoplastic UD-tapes (W8SVR Woven). Additionally, automated tape laying technology is used to manufacture load path-optimized and near-net shape sheets More...

As a member of the AVANCO group, INOMETA brings together the existing expertise in thermoset filament winding and thermoplastic UD-tape processing within the corporate structure. Using these premises, INOMETA takes the lead in contract manufacturing for wound thermoplastic components like shells, pipes or struts. More...

AZL Partner Textechno

The laser has recently become the preferred method of welding plastics in different industries. IPTE has responded to the rising demand from its customers by developing various proven Laser Plastic Welding solutions. Using Laser Plastic Welding ensures highest quality weld joints. More...

LG Hausys Ltd., one company of Korea based LG Group specializes in windows, interior materials, automotive material, and high performance material parts backed by approximately 4,270 employees across the world. The annual revenue is 3 billion $ whereas the automotive division makes one quarter of the revenue. More...

Even though fiber sizing is a small percentage of a composite, it plays a significant role in the interface properties between the surface of a fiber and the composite matrix. Michelman manufactures a variety of dispersions and emulsions of polymers and waxes. More...

Accurate prediction of delamination in composite materials is a challenge and often limits the application of lightweight materials in safety relevant components, as it may reduce the available strength significantly. More...

Atlas Foam is a series of foam products of NMG focusing on mechanical properties. Atlas Foam is suitable for various fields requiring high fatigue behavior. After a long time of in-depth research, we successfully developed this new foam material with IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Networks). More...

A Link of Cooperation between Companies of Composite Solutions in Europe and China Reach Group, founded in 1993 and based in Shanghai, China, is a comprehensive group company with diversified businesses in International Shipping and Logistics, Investment and Operation of Hotel Services, and Trade[...] More...

Two AZL Partners start collaboration on manufacturing standard modulus carbon fibers: SaudiAramco and the Institute of Textile Technology (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University start two-year research project.  More...

Switching from 50+ years aerospace and military application to civil application, Sino Polymer has developed series of high performance epoxy resin systems such as EN45545 HL3 flame retardant for carbon-fiber prepreg in railway, carbon-fiber fast pultrusion for wind blade spar cap, as well as room temperature fast curing for FRP [...] More...


Partner Institutes´ News

New BMBF research project launched: In recent years, multi-material design has proven to be a consistent further development of all previous lightweight design strategies. By using the right material in the right place, appropriate to the load and application, new ways of saving weight are opening up.  More...

Augmented reality system facilitates manual manufacturing of products made of fiber-reinforced composite materials To support the manual deposition process of semi-finished fiber-reinforced materials, known as preforming,  More...

ITA of RWTH University

Find all ITA news here: System for forming textile semi-finished products for fibre-reinforced plastic components | Ultra-sonic consolidated bio-based hybrid tapes for structural parts in lightweight applications | Development of TowPregs from glass, basalt, carbon and aramid fibers for hybrid 3D-wound building structures – HyPreg – More...


AZL´s News

Concept studies for lightweight components: AZL extends services with new team member Ravi

The AZL offers business and technology development services for the lightweight industry: from market and technology analyses, through engineering services to support for industrial implementation. With the design and simulation expert Ravi Chaitanya Bhairi, the AZL strengthens its team for the development of concepts for component design and production. More...

AZL develops new solutions to further establish SMC in broad industrial applications

AZL works on two projects that enhance the knowledge about SMC material characteristics and a new process combination driven by the requirements to reduce the production costs of lightweight components. More...

AZL network expands lightweight cooperation in interactive video conferences

In recent weeks, the established cooperation of the AZL network has also proved its worth in virtual form - in more than 10 interactive video conferences, 50 to 100 participants each exchanged knowledge and networked via newly created participant profiles. More...

The new AZL Double-Belt-Press with energy efficient inductive heating is available for material processing trials (consolidation and impregnation trials) – Current follow-up project is still open to join

The “Inductive Double-Belt-Press” follow-up project is open to join to get insights into the development and usage of the optimized machine. More...

AZL Business+ Partner Johns Manville collaborates with AZL using project vouchers - AZL has introduced the new partnership model Business+ last year, which facilitates AZL Partners Companies to finance individual projects for business and technology development in lightweight from an included budget. The Business+ Partnership provides a voucher system with an individually defined budget starting from 20 work days per year. More...

Insight into office of AZL Premium Partner Polytec

Christian Beste, Innovation Manager at POLYTEC GROUP, explains how their co-location in the AZL hub adds to their pre-development. “We have already developed a number of cooperation ideas on the way to the canteen.” More...

New production technology development for the continuous production of composite-based LED lightening panels

AZL RWTH develops an integrated process chain for cost-effective and energy-efficient production of electrically and optically functionalized fiber composites in the project “Konfutius” by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE). More...

AZL and Composites World partner for expanded global Reach of Composite News

CompositesWorld will be publishing selected NewsLIGHT stories through its website and e-newsletters. These stories will link back to AZL and provide a portal for CW’s readers worldwide to learn more about our network and member companies. 

AZL partners can subscribe to CW newsletters free of charge at https://gardnerweb.activehosted.com/f/22

We look forward to increasing global awareness and networking for continued advancement in lightweight composites technologies.


Update on AZL Partnership Activities

In the framework of the AZL Partnership, the more than 80 AZL Partner Companies and 9 AZL Partner Institutes work closely together in joint R&D and business development initiatives.  Find the status-quo of the six AZL Workgroups as well as running projects and studies below.

Overview of the 6 AZL Industrial Workgroups

6 AZL Workgroups meet every six months for technology- and product-related networking and initiation and definition of lightweight projects and initiatives involving composite industry and academia. Get your overview here.

What happened in AZL Joint Partner Projects and Studies?

3 running Joint Partner Projects and Joint Market &Technology Studies allow participating companies cost sharing for pre-competetive R&D and market and technology analysis. Get your update on Joint Partner Projects and Joint Market and Technology Studies.


AZL Meetings 2020


24th - 25th June, 2020

Once a year, we take the time to meet as the entire “AZL family” to define future activities, review projects and workgroups of the previous year and discuss composite trends. This year, we are having the meeting as an interactive video meeting, which offers you the well known building blocks of the Annual Partner Meeting in virtual form. You will get in contact with more than 150 representatives from the 80+ AZL partner companies in adapted formats, and will exchange information on markets and technologies, and identify business contacts. The AZL team will provide a focused insight into running and starting activities.

Read more on our Annual Partner Meeting 2020 here.

Partner Companies can register here.


Free registration: Lightweight TechTalk “Composites and Additive Manufacturing” (July 9th, 2020)

After an engaging first Lightweight TechTalk with more than 100 participants, we invite you to join the upcoming TechTalk addressing composites and additive manufacturing. Click here to register (https://azl-aachen-gmbh.de/termine/lightweight-techtalk-2). You can download the presentations of the first Lightweight TechTalk on design methodology for multi material lightweight components here (https://azl-aachen-gmbh.de/termine/lightweight-techtalk/).


Aug 27th:
Joint Analysis of Business Cases | Product Cost Benchmarking

Sep 16th:
6th Workgroup Meeting | Composites in Buildings & Infrastructure

Oct 20th:
11th Workgroup Meeting | Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites

Nov 3rd:
10th Workgroup Meeting | Advanced Thermoset Production

Nov 17th:
10th Workgroup Meeting | High-Performance SMC

Dec 1st:
11th Workgroup Meeting | Composite Pipes and Vessels