NewsLIGHT#15 | January 2020

Dear Reader,

This year we will continue to drive composites technologies and business forward with our more than 80 partner companies and 9 RWTH partner institutes. We would be happy to having you with us in 2020. You will find an outlook on 2020 in this NewsLIGHT New Year's Edition.

With the start of the year we welcome Airborne, CTR Europe, NMG Composites and Saudi Aramco to our network. We are and remain a colorful bunch: from 21 countries, whether automotive, aerospace or construction industry, whether start-up or global corporation, whether material manufacturer or OEM, whether old hand since 2014 or newcomer in 2020 - through our regular meetings we work closely together in a spirit of trust. Due to the diversity of companies we all benefit from impulses, sustainable cooperation and knowledge exchange.

For 2020 we have put together a program for our joint technology and business development for composites: We meet at 12 workgroup meetings, start 4 joint technology projects, continue 2 market and technology studies and network internally and externally at 3 highlight events, including China Composites Expo. With the relaunch of the previous so-called "Business Cases" as a separate meeting format under the title "Product Cost Benchmarking", we are focusing even more strongly on the product costs of composite components. We will then define further activities together at the next Annual Partner Meeting on June 24 and 25.

We hope you enjoy reading our activities and the news of individual partner companies and partner institutes.

We would be happy to have you with us as a Partner in 2020 and are looking forward to get in touch with you.

Dr. Michael Emonts, Dr. Kai Fischer, Dr. Michael Effing

AZL Partnership 2020 in a Nutshell


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Partner Company's News

Airbornes focus lies on the development and manufacturing of high-end composite components, at high production rates and radically low conversion costs. Airborne is building up a suite of automated solutions for the manufacturing of composites. More...

With the ongoing disruptive megatrends in the automotive industry, the automotive OEMs and suppliers are facing a strong innovation pressure. Asahi Kasei’s newly developed polyamide beads foam offers unique possibilities for both lightweight and noise reducing applications. More...

AZL Partner Conbility

Tailored blanks made of thermoplastic tapes are a key-technology to reduce production costs for continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics. Flat blanks are produced by the assembly of tape cuts and then the blanks thermoformed. To achieve a repeatable forming and a fast, homogeneous heating of the blanks, a consolidation of the single layers of the blanks is necessary. More...

Covestro developed an innovative battery pack concept with Covestro’s Baydur® PUL pultrusion technology component to increase crash safety in electric vehicles. More...

Covestro has entered into a distribution agreement with BÜFA in the distribution of Maezio™ thermoplastic UD tapes. More...

AZL Partner EconCore

EconCore, hosted their fourth technology summit in Leuven, Belgium at the end of last month. The technology is licensed worldwide and the event, held every two years, is an outstanding opportunity for all licensees to learn how others are using the patented technology. More...

INEOS Composites

At K 2019, ENGEL took the next step in the large-series production of thermoplastic composites. Using organomelt, door moduels were produced. The production cell is the first in the world to use infrared radiation to heat up and form organic sheets of differing thicknesses. More...

Whether in pipes for the oil and gas industry or structural components, you can depend on VESTAPE® to hold firmly and reliably against all forces with low water absorption and impressive mechanical properties. More...

HRC is now pursuing along with its fast developing track by the launching of the signature mass produced GT Polestar 1 and the beginning of the trial operation of its jointly developed R&D center together with Fraunhofer ICT from this year end. More...

AZL Partner Huntsman

RIMLINE® HC+ resin technology is a new, two-component, polyurethane resin system for spray application to fiberglass reinforced honeycomb panels. Developed by automotive material experts at Huntsman, the latest addition to the RIMLINE® range of resins can enable new design possibilities. More...

AZL Partner Textechno

Earlier this quarter, INEOS completed the acquisition of the Composites business from Ashland Global Holdings Inc. The newly created INEOS Composites business, global leader in unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl ester resins and gelcoats will now be part of INEOS group... More...

Katcon Advanced Materials completed the installation of their first CCW-CLA (Crush Core Wet Pressing with Class A Surface) production line in Monterrey, Mexico. This multimillion Euro investment consists of state-of-the-art equipment such as a Graco High Flow Spray unit and a Engel V-Duo Press. More...

In the framework of the German-Japanese “Co-Funding Program” for International Joint R&D Projects „IntelliPipe“ by NEDO & AIF, MaruHachi installed a new machine by Fraunhofer IPT for thermoplastic tape placement in their production halls in Fukui, Japan. More...

Michelman, a family-owned advanced materials company, founded in 1949, is well known for its emulsification and polymer dispersion expertise. “We have a 70-year history as an innovator in water-based dispersion and emulsion technology,” says Industrial Manufacturing Group Marketing Director, Steve Bassetti. More...

NMG Europe is a company that researches, develops, produces and markets proprietary rigid polymer foams and core materials for structural and semi structural applications. It started as a small enterprise located in Gorizia (Italy), afterwards it was incorporated in 2016 as part of an international group... More..

Polynt Composite Germany GmbH announces the new SMC Food Contact (FC) series.This new series, implement a new generation of food safety for products based on SMC and enable molding companies to serve this market with approved qualities. More...

Discover opportunities working with Sino Polymer in lightweight solutions, joint research projects, import & export of technologies and products. More...

SINTEX NP group has been working on the most advanced high-performance thermoplastic and has developed its own design practices to guide the OEM in the selection and drawing process, during either design or redesign phases. More...

AZL Partner Textechno

Textechno, presents a new option to their FIMATEST system, which has won the JEC World innovation award 2016. FIMATEST determines the fibre/matrix-adhesion by means of a single-fibre pull-out test. More...


Partner Institutes´ News

The high-voltage battery is currently one of the focus points in the development processes of battery electric vehicles. In addition to cell development, the main topics here are the E/E architecture, the thermal management and the improvement of the mechanical properties and safety of the system. More...

AZL Partner IKV of RWTH Aachen University

All IKV news at a glance - find all IKV news here: IKV presents recent technology developments at K 2019 More...

ITA of RWTH University

All ITA news at a glance - find all ITA news here: Development of a hybrid yarn and pultrusion structure for efficient production of thermoplastic Profiles More...


AZL´s News

AZL News

AZL is addressing the material selection in SMC, injection molding with tapes, non-destructive in-line measurement and model-based system engineering in 2020 - The AZL team is already working on the content for the starting projects in 2020. Four new projects will be starting in the first half of the year. More...

AZL News

Joint Business Case Analysis – the AZL is presenting Product Cost Benchmarking - The AZL is launching a new format to strengthen the support for business development as a service that is offered within the AZL Partnership. More...

AZL News

AZL projects “Next Generation Mobility Solutions” and “Inductive Double-Belt Press” have kicked off - After their kick-off meetings in October and November, the AZL projects “Next Generation Mobility Solutions” and “Inductive Double-Belt Press” are now in their first project phase. More...

AZL News

JEC WORLD 2020 Paris – save efforts and costs by showcasing your company at the AZL booth - The AZL offers again the possibility exclusively to its Partner Companies to be embedded in the AZL area at JEC WORLD 2020 in Paris with a booth. More...

AZL News

Cost-effective, continuous production of multi-layer laminates with high flexibility – Prototype upgrade - The Ultra-Fast Consolidator Machine which was developed within a Joint Partner Project by AZL is now up and running for automated, continuous tailored blank manufacturing using thermoplastic tapes. More...

AZL News

AZL demonstrated an intelligent, digitalized production system for large scale series production of RTM parts - The AZL and IKV together with seven project partners have successfully completed the project iComposite 4.0. More...

AZL and Composites World partner for expanded global Reach of Composite News

CompositesWorld will be publishing selected NewsLIGHT stories through its website and e-newsletters. These stories will link back to AZL and provide a portal for CW’s readers worldwide to learn more about our network and member companies. 

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We look forward to increasing global awareness and networking for continued advancement in lightweight composites technologies.


Update on AZL Partnership Activities

In the framework of the AZL Partnership, the more than 80 AZL Partner Companies and 9 AZL Partner Institutes work closely together in joint R&D and business development initiatives.  Find the status-quo of the five AZL Workgroups as well as running projects and studies below.

What happened in the 5 AZL Industrial Workgroups?

5 AZL Workgroups meet every six months for technology- and product-related networking and initiation and definition of lightweight projects and initiatives involving composite industry and academia. Get your update here.

What happened in AZL Joint Partner Projects and Studies?

3 running Joint Partner Projects and Joint Market &Technology Studies allow participating companies cost sharing for pre-competetive R&D and market and technology analysis. Get your update on Joint Partner Projects and Joint Market and Technology Studies.


Meeting Highlights 2020


29th April, 2020

Once a year at the AZL Open Day, we offer an exclusive and widespread unique insight into the R&D capacities of the institutes in the field of lightweight and composite technologies on the campus of RWTH Aachen University. Within walking distance, researchers and students from 9 institutes are working on the latest technologies for the cost-efficient development and production of lightweight components within one of the largest research landscapes in Europe. The research, closely involving industrial companies, covers the entire value chain from fiber production, materials and processing technology to quality assurance and component testing.

Find here impressions from one of our Open Days.

Partner Companies can register here.

If you are not an AZL Partner Company you can register here.


24th - 25th June, 2020

The Annual Partner Meeting is a two-day meeting to present and discuss the previous activities and innovations within the AZL network and to define next year’s activities. The Meeting, which is free of charge for all AZL Partner Companies, consists of a review of the realized partnership activities, presentations of further innovations as well as definitions of upcoming projects, workshops and events. Furthermore, the partners have the opportunity to communicate with the network of AZL partner companies and institutes.

Partner Companies can register here.

B2B Networking Meeting during China Composites Expo 2020

31st August - 4th September, 2020 during China Composites Expo in Shanghai.

The AZL will offer the exclusive service of a networking event with a joint visit of the fair to its Partner Companies. Previously selected companies will be visited to provide the possibility of exchange of knowledge, establish contacts and to gain new insights from the Asian market. More information will follow.

150 Years of RWTH: Lernen. Forschen. Machen. | NewsLIGHT #15 | RWTH

150 Years of RWTH:

Lernen. Forschen. Machen.

In its anniversary year 2020, the University will launch a series of events held under the motto of “Lernen. Forschen. Machen.” With these events, we would like to reach out and strengthen ties with our various target groups – ideally together with your company as a partner. More...

IKV Aachen will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2020...

...a year that will also mark the staging of the 30th International Colloquium Plastics Technology. To celebrate this occasion, on the day before the colloquium, we will additionally hold an International Symposium on Plastics Technology, and we warmly invite scientists from around the world to join us for the event in Aachen.

Save the dates:

10 March 2020: International Symposium on Plastics Technology
11 an 12 March 2020: International Colloquium Plastics Technology 

Further information can be found at www.ikv-colloquium.com and www.ikv-symposium.com.


Upcoming AZL Workgroup Meetings


Feb 27th:
Joint Analysis of Business Cases  | Product Cost Benchmarking

Mar 18th:
5th Workgroup Meeting  | Composites in Buildings & Infrastructure

Apr 1st:
9th Workgroup Meeting  | Advanced Thermoset Production

Apr 21st:
10th Workgroup Meeting  | Composite Pipes and Vessels

Apr 28th:
10th Workgroup Meeting  | Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites

May 19th:
9th Workgroup Meeting  | High-Performance SMC

Aug 27th:
Joint Analysis of Business Cases  | Product Cost Benchmarking

Sep 16th:
6th Workgroup Meeting  | Composites in Buildings & Infrastructure

Oct 20th:
11th Workgroup Meeting  | Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites

Nov 3rd:
10th Workgroup Meeting  | Advanced Thermoset Production

Nov 17th:
10th Workgroup Meeting  | High-Performance SMC

Dec 1st:
11th Workgroup Meeting  | Composite Pipes and Vessels


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