NewsLIGHT#12 | September 2018

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Welcome to our 12th edition of NewsLIGHT- the newsletter from the international AZL Lightweight Network. After our 5th Annual Partner Meeting in June, we are now looking forward to three promising new projects. In this edition, we are introducing the two new studies - "Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders" and "Composites in the Furniture Industry"- with kick-off meetings in October and November. We are also about to finalize the project to realize the Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks and will start the follow-up project with a kick-off on October 10th. Finally, our five industrial Workgroups will all meet in the second half of the year. Our RTM Workgroup will widen the scope regarding thermoset processing technologies.

We are looking forward to the new ENGEL injection molding system which will be installed at our technical center. Enjoy reading the news from our Partner Companies, Partner Institutes and our joint Partner Network Activities.

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Dr. Michael Emonts, Dr. Kai Fischer, Dr. Michael Effing


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++++ New ENGEL Injection Molding System installed at AZL

The Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production (AZL) of RWTH Aachen University is getting a new ENGEL injection molding system in its technical center. The 2-component injection molding system with turning plate and 17,000 kN clamping force will enable the development of innovative process chains for hybrid lightweight components based on thermoplastic FRP. Dr. Norbert Müller (ENGEL), Dr. Michael Emonts (AZL), Rolf Saß (ENGEL) and Dr. Christoph Steger (ENGEL) (from left to right) met to kick-off the cooperation. For more information see… ++++

++++ We welcome our new AZL Partner Companies Borealis AG + Huesker Synthetic GmbH + IPTE Factory Automation nv + REHAU + SKF Automotive and Aerospace ++++ Impressions from AZL Annual Partner Meeting 2018 ++++ Follow-Up Project on Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks starts on October 10th ++++ Joint Market and Technology Studies to join: "Composites in the Furniture Industry" and "Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders" ++++ AZL Composite Networking Event @ CAMX ++++ Upcoming Workgroup Meetings: Composites in Buildings & Infrastructure + Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites + High-Performance SMC + Pipes & Vessels + High-Speed RTM Matrices ++++ AZL and Composites World partner for expanded global Reach of Composite News ++++


Partner Company's News

AOC and Aliancys are pleased to announce the official creation of a new combined company, which will be named “AOC Aliancys.”  With this merger, the two established companies join forces to form a leading global supplier of polyester and vinyl ester resins, gel coats, and other materials used in the composites industry. More...

Asahi Kasei has launched Thermylene® P11, a next-generation family of glass-reinforced polypropylene (PP) compounds. The new material opens new opportunities for thinwall molding of interior and exterior automotive parts. More...

By being focused on the latest trends in product development engineering and by facilitating growth, Lightweight Design Specialist Code Product Solutions shows how they prepared for the future that has already begun. More...

Their mission: to bring continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) to the mainstream market. Their latest milestone: the introduction of the Maezio™ brand with a clear and strong identity. Read on to find out more about this light composite material from Covestro. More...

In the production of SMC components, surface quality is a top priority. Since many factors affect the quality, the press manufacturer ENGEL AUSTRIA systematically analyzes the quality-relevant process parametersMore...

New direct laser processing head with combined laser source and optics for thermoplast tape placement. An innovation from the company Laserline as enabler for mass production. More...

Menzolit as leading European supplier of SMC and BMC develops in close connection with its customer environmentally responsible, light weight and highly efficient compounds for multiple applications in modern car concepts. More...

Is it possible to produce thermoplastic composites in mass scale? SABIC reveals a breakthrough in the manufacturing of laminates in the film “Innovations of Scale”More...

The new version R16 of Moldex3D has a stag full of new features and novelties which are driven primarily by customer’s feedback and which will substantially help part designers and mold makers. More...


Partner Institutes´ News

fka provides exclusive views into the technology of the Model 3 – well before the market launch in Europe and accessible for all interested companies. As of June 2018 first results will be available. More...

Fraunhofer ILT | Home

Fatigue behavior of GFRP leaf spring materials under complex stress states are addressed by IKV. Furthermore, for maximum weight savings and an economic production, IKV and Ford develop and analyse a new manufacturing process for fibre reinforced coil springsMore...

Fraunhofer ILT and its project partners win “The Future of Composites in Transportation 2018” JEC Innovation Award for hybrid roof bow. More...

To enable a flexible production of hybrid lightweight components a flexible process chain has been developed in the course of the BMBF-funded »LightFlex« project. More...

For the professional adhesive bonding of FRP (thermoplastics and thermosets), a surface pre-treatment is necessary. However, the right manufacturing processes are missing for industrial applications. ISF and LZH are therefore developing a laser beam pre-treatment process for adhesive bonding of FRP. More...

ITA | Home

Learn on humidity and strain sensors implemented on geotextiles for monitoring of coastal dikes. ITA furthermore developed software for the analysis and application of high resolution fiber scans. Air filters are presented as new application of textile reinforced concrete. Finally, read on integration of fiber based sensors for structural health monitoring of composites.


AZL´s News

Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks: Successful Installation of Machine Prototype

12 Partner Companies together with AZL, successfully developed a new machine prototype allowing the ultra-fast manufacturing of tailored composite blanks in a joint R&D project. The follow-up project to optimize the prototype and to conduct extensive material and processing studies will start on October 10th, 2018 and is open for interested companies to join. More…

New AZL Technology Study identifies Potentials and Challenges of Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders

 AZL and IKV are starting a new Joint Market and Technology Study "Potentials and Challenges of Thermoplastic Tapes for SME Injection Molders" which systematically identifies potentials for thermoplastic tapes in injection molding. The study kick-off takes place at Fakuma 2018 on October 18th, 2018. Interested Companies are invited to join the kick-off-meeting. Learn more on the study and the kick-off meeting.

New Market and Technology Study: Composites in Furniture

AZL launches a Market and Technology Study to identify potentials and future applications for composites in furniture. The study open to join for all companies from the composite and furniture industry will start with a kick-off during Composites Europe in Stuttgart on November 7th, 2018. Learn more on options to join.

AZL Networking Event @ CAMX: Matchmaking between AZL Partners and US Composite Market

During CAMX, the US American The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo, AZL is bringing together AZL Business and Premium Partners with US American composite players for networking and knowledge exchange in technological discussions. AZL is organizing the event in cooperation with the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and Composites World. AZL Business and Premium Partners can register here.

5th AZL Annual Partner Meeting: Partners meet for Strategy Meeting

In June, the AZL Annual Partner Meeting took place. For the 5th meeting already, 140 representatives of the 81 Partner Companies from 21 different countries came together for their strategic meeting and to get an overview of the activities of the past year and to define topics and activities for the coming year. Starting studies and projects were presented and discussed. Read more.

AZL and Composites World partner for expanded global Reach of Composite News

CompositesWorld will be publishing selected NewsLIGHT stories through its website and e-newsletters. These stories will link back to AZL and provide a portal for CW’s readers worldwide to learn more about our network and member companies. CompositesWorld is also working with AZL to publicize its networking event at the upcoming CAMX show (Oct. 16-17) in Dallas, Texas.

AZL partners can subscribe to CW newsletters free of charge at www.compositesworld.com/sub/newsletter

We look forward to increasing global awareness and networking for continued advancement in lightweight composites technologies.


Update on AZL Partnership Activities

In the framework of the AZL Partnership, the more than 80 AZL Partner Companies and 9 AZL Partner Institutes work closely together in joint R&D and business development initiatives.  Find the status-quo of the five AZL Workgroups as well as running projects and studies below.

What happened in the 5 AZL Industrial Workgroups?

5 AZL Workgroups meet every six months for technology- and product-related networking and initiation and definition of lightweight projects and initiatives involving composite industry and academia. Get your update here.

What happened in AZL Joint Partner Projects and Studies?

2 running Joint Partner Projects and 2 running Joint Market &Technology Studies allow participating companies cost sharing for pre-competetive R&D and market and technology analysis. Get your update on Joint Partner Projects and Joint Market and Technology Studies.


Upcoming AZL Meetings

Workgroup and Project Meetings | Matchmaking Events

Sep. 4th:    
2nd Workgroup Meeting | Composites in Buildings and Infrastructure

Sept. 11th:
Final Meeting | Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks

Sep. 26th:
7th Workgroup Meeting | Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites

Oct. 10th:
Kick-Off of Follow-Up Project | Ultra-Fast Manufacturing of Tailored Composite Blanks

Oct. 11th:
7th Workgroup Meeting | Pipes & Vessels

Oct. 16th:
Composite Networking Event | AZL at CAMX in Dallas

Oct. 18th:
Kick-Off Meeting | Thermoplastic Tapes for Injection Molders

Nov. 6th-8th:
Exhibition | AZL at Composites Europe in Stuttgart

Nov. 7th:
Kick-Off Meeting | Composites in the Furniture Industry

Nov. 13th: 
6th Workgroup Meeting | Advanced Thermoset Production (Former: RTM Workgroup)

Nov. 20th:
6th Workgroup Meeting | High-Performance SMC

Jun. 4th-5th: 
AZL Annual Partner Meeting 2019


Highlight Conferences and Seminars

AZL Partners: Find an overview of all upcoming conferences and seminars of the AZL Partner Institutes at the AZL Partner Section.

Reactive Pultrusion - Approaches for a cost-efficient FRP-profile production on Oktocober 9th, 2018

As continuous process, the pultrusion offers great potential for a cost-efficient production of highly loadable profiles made of continuous fibre reinforced plastics. For a large-scale production, highly reactive resin materials are increasingly focused in current developments (e. g. polyurethanes, epoxy resins or insitu polymerizing thermoplastics). Download of details...

4th International Glass Fiber Symposium from 29th to 31st October, 2018

The International Glass Fiber Symposium is the meeting of the advanced glass fiber technologists. Aim of this event is to serve as the principal international forum for reporting outstanding research and development on glass fiber technology from raw materials to final applications. During the days of this congress you can meet academics presenting cutting edge research as well as scientists, government administrators and decision makers. More...