Third Meeting of the AZL Workgroup “Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites”

22 September 2016 Allgemein, News, Veranstaltungen AZL Admin

AZL Partners continued work on “Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites” in the Third Workgroup Meeting

On September 15th 2016, AZL has organized the third Workgroup Meeting “Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites” with more than 30 participants representing the whole value chain of thermoplastic composites.

After the introduction and discussion of an EU-funded Project Opportunity by one of our partner-institutes, keynote presentations on thermal management and draping of UD-laminates were held in the first part of the Workgroup. Furthermore, speeches on trust in HTC technologies, integrated design-process costs and handling or fixation technology were presented in the second half of the meeting. In order to evaluate the current status and next steps in marketing activities for the Thermoplastic Composite Presentation, the Business Platform “Thermoplastic Composite” – as part of the AZL Partnership- was validated.

Thermoplastic composites become increasingly popular in cost-driven industries due to short cycle times and recycling opportunities. Production processes combining continuous and short or long fiber reinforcements allow a high design flexibility as well as good mechanical properties at the same time. Thus, overmolding of FRP inlays is a popular process to refine and functionalize thermoplastic semi-finished products.

After three workshops focusing on back-molding respectively overmolding technologies, a workgroup on “Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites” has been established which will meet every six months to continuously work on the consolidation of the high-potential overmolding technology of thermoplastic FRP inlays for series production. For this purpose, a technology screening as well as a focused investigations on process combination should advise a selection of cost-optimal materials and processes.

Alongside this Workgroup, three more Workgroups meet regurlarly on a six-months-basis, focusing on High-Speed RTM, Pipes and Vessels and High-Performance SMC.

All workgroups are  open to join exclusively all AZL partners and free of charge. The next workgroup meeting will take place on February 22nd 2017.