Market and Technology Studies

We conduct Market and Technology Studies bringing together a broad consortium of partners who provide a joint budget to investigate lightweight markets technologies.

Benefits of Participants:

〉〉  Direct influence on study process
〉〉  Contact to a broad network of industrial players
〉〉  Combination of technical Knowhow and Market Intelligence
〉〉  Hardware on-site for realizing resulting project ideas
〉〉  Cost-effective budget based on joint cost sharing

Latest Studies:

New Potentials for Composite Technologies in Buildings and Infrastructure



Buildings & Infrastructure – comparable to the transportation sector – are markets with enormous and growing potential for lightweight materials and related technologies. The new construction but also the rehabilitation and the renovation of existing Buildings & Infrastructure components will play a decisive role.

Within this Joint Market and Technology Studyy new potentials for composite technologies in Buildings & Infrastructure will be identified. Drawing on technical expertise, but also a well-grounded knowledge of market specific information, AZL is determining where and with which products, materials and production technologies new business opportunities will open. Therefore, AZL is creating and rating new scenarios for high potential applications and will provide necessary information to support product and service development of participating companies.

In two prioritization workshops, AZL together with the study partners determine the key segments as well as ten technologies/applications with the highest market potential which will be investigated in detail. The study will comprise application analyses of 12 market segments, investigation of 100 applications, technology analyses of 25 highlight components and 10 detailed business cases. Besides requirement analyses for materials and production technologies, new concepts for efficient profitable production technologies are developed including cost engineering analysis.

The study is open for all companies along the value chain of the composites as well as buildings & infrastructure market. AZL and AVK partner companies can participate at a reduced fee.

Key facts:

  • Addressed market segment: Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Expected start: November 2016
  • Status: Open to joinby October 14th
  • Addressed participants: all composite players as well as companies from the buildings & infrastructure market such as architects, designers, structural engineers or general contractors

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High-Performance SMC

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The Joint Market and Technology Study on High-Performance SMC of AZL and IKV aims at broadening the understanding of interdependencies by providing in-depth knowledge on SMC applications and technologies, key challenges, and technological solutions for establishing High-Performance SMC. This will serve as basis for the elaboration of design guidelines, a target-oriented development and to open up new business opportunities.

Scope and content of the study have been developed in close collaboration with the industrial AZL Workgroup which was established in an initial workshop in 2016 with more than 60 participants from the industry, including several automotive OEMs such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, MAN, Toyota and Volkswagen. During several meetings, the industrial workgroup defined different joint research and development initiatives to build a toolbox for HP-SMC, one of them being the Joint Market and Technology Study on High-Performance SMC.

The 12-months study is designed as a joint study involving players along the entire value chain. This approach allows participants to benefit from the knowledge of all study partners and experts who are involved in the project. Study participants will be a direct part of the study and will be able to influence the progress according to their specific demands.

Key facts:

  • Addressed market segment: Automotive, Electronics, Buildings and Construction
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Expected start: June 2017
  • Status: Open to join
  • Addressed participants: all composite players as well as material suppliers, equipment and mold suppliers, part manufacturers, OEMs or engineering suppliers and part developers


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Assessment of Existing Standards for FRP Pipes and Vessel towards Development and Qualification

Copyright: Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT


The Joint Partner Study “Assessment of Existing Standards for FRP Pipes and Vessel towards Development and Qualification” will start end of July 2017 with a duration of 4 months and is open for AZL Partner Companies to join.

Pipes and vessels represent an ideal application for fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). Therefore FRP are of growing interest for fluid transportation and storage in industries like oil, water or gas, but also for the transportation and automotive sector. Lightweight for low handling and transportation cost, non-corrosiveness for long service life are some drivers behind that interest. In return, the processing of traditional materials, such as steel and aluminium, is well established and consequently, development and qualification efforts are often lower than for FRP.

FRP pipes and vessels need standardization to compete with metal-based vessels.

Within the AZL Pipes and Vessels Workgroup a market study on FRP pipes and vessels was alreadyconducted to gain a current market overview about relevant industrial applications. The results was presented during the last workgroup meeting. In addition the “Assessment of existing standards for FRP pipes and vessel towards development and qualification“ will be conducted in this Joint Partner Project. The study will include investigations and analyses of relevant applications for FRP pipes and vessels in different market segments, such as oil and gas, water and automotive Industry. A detailed overview on requirements, existing standards (material and product related) as well as test and measurement methods for materials, pipes and vessels qualification will be given. The results will be presented exclusively to the project participants.

Key facts:

  • Addressed market segments: oil, water or gas, transportation and automotive
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Expected start: end of July 2017
  • Status: Open to join
  • Addressed participants: all AZL partner companies


AZL Partner Companies find further information at the AZL Partner Section.


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Mass Production for Lightweight Composite Structures


The first AZL Market and Technology Study in 2013/2014 addressed the overall lightweight market to provide a systematic and structured market overview of current lightweight applications, parts and materials, production technologies as well as material and system suppliers.

450 applications were investigated from which 50 highlight components were chosen and analyzed in detail resulting in technology demonstrators. 12 business cases were developed giving application-related insight into large-scale lightweight production scenarios.

Key facts:

  • Addressed market segments: Transportation, Oil/ Water/ Gas, Building and Construction, Renewable Energy, Consumer/ Sports/ Leisure
  • Involved partners: 34 companies of the whole value chain (material supplier, molder, manufacturing equipment supplier, Tier 1 and 2, OEM)
  • Duration: One year, 2013-2014