Van Wees UD and Crossply Technology B.V. - AZL Aachen GmbH

Frans Mannaertsstraat 1 5046 AK Tilburg Netherlands

Van Wees supplies turnkey production lines to the technical textile and composite industry and has made UD and Crossply machines since 1993. It is the bench mark in the ballistics industry. These worldwide, turnkey installed, production lines make millions of square meters per year, saving thousands of lives due to maximum protection of the materials. Since 2006 prepreg machines for thermoset resins are built for the composites industry and in 2007 Van Wees started with the thermoplastic resin based equipment. In 2010, the first Multi-axial UD machine was built and in 2014, the development of composite tailored blanks started.

In its Research and Technology Center Van Wees has creels, impregnation machines for TS and TP resins, Crossply and Multi-Axial UD tape machine, slitters and a press, for mimicking similar lines as placed at customers. In the R&TC new products, processes and machines are made, tested and developed.  The highly automated process is especially interesting for the automotive industry. The UD tapes are used for optimum performance and the residue material is in such shape that it can be used in the same or other high performing products.

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