Sintex NP - AZL Aachen GmbH

Zl-10 rue Jean Rostand, 69745 GENAS, France

The group Sintex NP has 2300 employees with 17 plants in Europe and Maghreb, through its design ability, its dynamic R&D and industrialization depts offer Sintex NP the possibility to guide this customers from project to production in various sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical, etc… The high performance raw materials PEEK, PEI, API … and thermoset ones: BMC, SMC, phenolics are processed by injection, compression, stamping but also machining and thermoforming. The group makes its services in co-injection molding, decoration, manufacturing of strategic sub-assemblies, filed. Keen to meet the needs of its clients, Sintex NP while new technology such as precision cutting, work of wire, air spring production, implementation of electronic card and realization of wiring harnesses solidity to provide support for customer’s innovative sectors.

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