NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH - AZL Aachen GmbH

Wittelsbacherstraße 42, 95100, Selb, Deutschland

The NETZSCH Group is a mid-sized, family-owned company headquartered in Selb, in the Upper Franconian region of Germany, engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with production, sales and service branches all over the world.

The NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing Business Unit is a global leader in the thermal characterization of materials of all sorts. We offer complete solutions for thermal analysis, adiabatic reaction calorimetry and the determination of thermophysical properties. More than 50 years of applications experience, a broad state-of-the-art product line and comprehensive service offerings ensure that the solutions and instrument configurations we develop for our customers not only meet but exceed their every need in research and industry.

Thermal analysis methods are today counted among the standard means of characterizing polymer materials. They measure thermal transformations (DSC, DMA, DIL, LFA), chemical reactions and decompositions (TG, DSC, DEA, gas analysis), visco-elastic properties (DMA), and the thermal diffusivity and conductivity (HFM, GHP, LFA) of polymers as a function of temperature, the heating rate, deformation and atmosphere. In addition to their use in determining the thermal properties of polymer materials and products, these methods can also be applied in determining the composition of plastics and rubber blends.

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