GRP GmbH & Co. KG - AZL Aachen GmbH

Kackertstraße 10, 52072, Aachen, Deutschland

GRP is the first global provider of  the operating system for industrial production. For years already, we draw consequences of Industry 4.0 and therefore by now the well-known and much appreciated GRP system has become much more than simply a MES.

Our mission is the development of solutions that create new freedoms in production. The GRP system provides global process optimization and transparency in order to generate sustainable benefits for our customers.

By means of our partners, we are able to generate constant development and growth. The cooperation gives us the opportunity to approach our goal of a global manufacturing transparency a little bit more every day.  Therefore, every practical experience made flows directly into the development of the GRP System.

Excellent Production & Quality Data Logging

Global challenges require global solutions. - To specifically cover all requirements in the manufacturing industry, GRP developed a system with full-scale functionality and integration across functions, departments and plants.

The GRP system provides an integrated solution for cutting, welding, laser, forming, assembly as well as injection molding with upstream and downstream operation areas such as tooling, maintenance, materials processing, assembling, packaging, stamping or painting. The connection to higher-level software systems and the integration of quality assurance systems (ISA95 Standards) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) are solved reliably.

Due to the diverse demands that are based on such a system, GRP places a special emphasis on clarity
and ease of use.

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